Articulation Injections as an Innovative Pain Management Therapy Approach

Articulation Injections as an Innovative Pain Management Therapy Approach

Pain is our body’s way of telling us something isn’t right, yet when this discomfort becomes constant it can be unbearable. Living with chronic joint pain can be both physically and psychologically draining; thankfully advances in pain management treatments such as articulation injections provide hope to those struggling with it.

In this post, we’ll delve into articulation injections as an innovative form of pain management therapy provided by specialists at the Comprehensive Pain Institute of Bedford & Benbrook in Texas.


What Are Articulation Injections (AIIs)?

Articulation injections, also referred to as joint injections, are minimally invasive procedures in which anti-inflammatory medication is injected directly into a joint to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and increase mobility—providing immediate and sometimes long-lasting relief.


How Do Articulation Injections Work?

This procedure begins by administering local anesthetic to numb the skin around an affected joint. Utilizing advanced imaging technology as guidance, a physician then administers an injection of corticosteroid medication combined with local anesthetic to directly inject into the joint. Corticosteroids help to reduce inflammation and provide immediate pain relief.


Benefits of Articulation Injections

Articulation injections offer numerous advantages that make them a key part of pain management treatments.

  • They provide instantaneous relief from joint pain and improve mobility, enabling patients to engage in physical therapy sessions or resume daily activities more quickly.
  • Being a localized treatment method, this means less systemic side effects compared to oral medication regimens.


Who Can Benefit from Articulation Injections?

Patients suffering from arthritis, such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, can gain relief with articulation injections. Furthermore, they provide relief to individuals experiencing joint pain due to injuries such as bursitis or tendinitis.


Articulation Injections at The Comprehensive Pain Institute

At the Comprehensive Pain Institute of Bedford & Benbrook, TX, our team of specialists are committed to helping patients find relief from chronic pain. Equipped with the latest technology and experience for safely administering articulation injections, we take an individualized approach with each plan tailored specifically to each person’s individual needs and health goals.

Living with joint pain can be disabling, but it doesn’t need to dictate your life. Advancements in pain management treatments such as articulation injections offer hope to those enduring chronic discomfort. At the Comprehensive Pain Institute, our goal is to help our patients reclaim their quality of life if you or a loved one is living with joint discomfort. Reach out to us now so we can assist in the journey towards living a life free from suffering!

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