Understanding Sacroiliac Joint Injections: A Safe and Effective Pain Management Solution

Understanding Sacroiliac Joint Injections: A Safe and Effective Pain Management Solution

At The Comprehensive Pain Institute of Bedford & Benbrook, TX, one of our key services is Sacroiliac Joint Injections (SI). This treatment is an innovative yet safe solution to managing lower back pain and buttock pain, making SI joint injections an essential option for pain management. In this post, we aim to shed more light on what these injections entail as well as why they’re an invaluable choice for pain control.


What Is the Sacroiliac Joint?

The sacroiliac joint can be found at the lower part of your back and buttocks where sacrum and ilium bones meet, providing load transfer from upper body to legs effectively. Unfortunately, this can become an area of chronic discomfort due to osteoarthritis, injury or pregnancy causing constant irritation of this vital linkage.


How Can Sacroiliac Joint Injections Work?

Sacroiliac joint injections are a minimally invasive procedure used to identify and treat pain related to SI joints. The procedure entails injecting local anesthetic and corticosteroid medication directly into the SI joint for immediate pain relief while corticosteroids reduce inflammation while offering long-term comfort relief. View all of our pain management treatments right here.


What to Expect

SI Joint Aspiration surgery can typically be completed as an outpatient procedure and does not require overnight stay. Patients remain awake during treatment; however, the area being targeted will typically be numbed. With fluoroscopy (a type of X-ray imaging technology), physicians accurately guide needle into SI joints during this 30-minute process.


Safety and Efficiency

Injections for SI joints are generally safe, with very few complications reported. Side effects from injections typically consist of temporary side effects like pain at the injection site, lightheadedness or flushes of warmth that quickly subside. Their efficacy depends on each individual patient; many experience significant pain relief that lasts for many months afterward.


Individuals Suited for SI Joint Injections

People seeking SI joint injections typically suffer from chronic discomfort in their lower back, buttocks, groin or legs and haven’t found relief through other forms of therapy (physical therapy or medications) yet. This treatment option may offer significant relief.


Benefits of SI Joint Injections Targeted Pain Relief:

  • Targeted Relief: SI joint injections offer more targeted pain relief than general medication by directly administering medication directly at the source.
  • Diagnostic Tool: By helping confirm whether an SI joint is the source of discomfort, this procedure serves as an invaluable diagnostic tool.
  • Minimal Downtime: Patients typically return to regular activities within a day of undergoing surgery.
  • Reduces Reliance on Oral Painkillers: This approach may be especially advantageous for those looking to avoid systemic medications’ adverse side effects.


Aftercare and Follow-Up

Following their procedure, patients are advised to relax for the remainder of the day and refrain from engaging in strenuous activity for a few days following. Scheduled follow-up appointments allow providers to assess how effective treatment was as well as plan future care needs.


Sacroiliac Joint Injections in Bedford & Benbrook, TX

At The Comprehensive Pain Institute of Bedford & Benbrook, TX, we understand the challenges associated with living with chronic pain. Sacroiliac joint injections offer a safe, minimally invasive, and effective means of managing it – offering hope and relief to many suffering from SI joint issues. If this therapy could help ease your suffering, please consider it as a potential solution.

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