How to Safely Manage Your Medications

How to Safely Manage Your Medications

Whether you are helping manage the care of a loved one or you yourself are taking medication, it’s essential to have a medication management plan. A medication management plan allows you to stay organized and safe as well as establish a reliable method of identifying any medication-related side effects or problems.

If you don’t already have a system in place, this is your lucky day! Today we will walk you through a few of the ways your pain doctors in Benbrook TX (locations also in Bedford and Lewisville) recommend you safely manage your medications.


Understand Your Medications

This one is simple: it is essential that you are aware of why you are being prescribed what you are being prescribed. Every prescription is meant to treat something – always be sure you know what that “something” is. Keep this information documented somewhere secure so that you don’t have to worry about committing it to memory.

Some other items to understand about your medications include:

  • Potential side effects
  • Expiration date
  • Activity and/or diet restrictions that accompany this medication
  • Dose and frequency
  • Changes to notify your doctor about

Your local pharmacist can be very helpful in getting you much, if not all, of this information. Don’t be shy about asking questions, especially if it’s a new medication.


Create A Routine

Routines are a critical part of ensuring nothing gets forgotten. Thankfully, our world has developed many clever and convenient ways to integrate medication into a daily routine. Depending on how many different medications you have and their corresponding schedules, you may consider using one or more of the following tools:

  • Set a medication reminder alert on your phone for the times and days of each dose
  • Use a Medication Tracker Worksheet
  • Pair up your medication time with another daily activity or routine such as a specific meal or chore
  • Use a pill organizer – some even come with alarms you can set!

If you are looking for more options that support your specific medication schedule, we have Benbrook doctors accepting new patients (locations also in Bedford and Lewisville) who would be more than happy to share additional tips and tricks.


Keep Track of Changes

Another key component of safely managing your medication is keeping track of any changes that occur as you are on your medication(s). This is not just limited to known side effects, either. You will want to document any changes you experience while on medication.

This doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy. A simple notebook and pencil or your daily calendar will do just fine. Write down the date and time of the change and as much detail as possible about the specific change(s). If the change causes you concern, distress or pain, please reach out to a member of your care team to get further guidance.


Get Regular Checks

Did you know that your medicine needs regular checkups, too? That’s not a typo – it’s an important part of making sure you and your care team are all on the same page. It also allows your doctor to evaluate and keep only the most essential medications in your regimen.

Each individual doctor has his or her own rule about how often they will want to do a medicine check. Generally speaking, it is recommended that each patient come to every appointment with a list of current medications, supplements and vitamins including:

  • Date first prescribed
  • Name of medicine
  • Dose
  • Date/time last taken
  • Any side effects the patient has experienced (and details about that experience)

If you don’t have a current list, simply bring all your medications in their prescribed containers along with you to your next appointment. Be sure to include over-the-counter medications you are taking as well.


Pain Doctors in Benbrook TX

We know that medication management is just one part of a whole list of ways you may be working towards managing your chronic pain. We would love to be a part of the team that helps you with that or any other item you may be struggling with in your chronic pain journey. Call today to schedule an appointment at one of our three convenient Texas locations!

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