How to Educate your Loved Ones About Chronic Pain

How to Educate your Loved Ones About Chronic Pain

If you are living with chronic pain, chances are that you’re aware of the full impact it makes on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. There’s an equally good chance that your close friends and family don’t have the same level of understanding about that impact. You may even begin noticing that this dissonance is causing frustration, conflict and resentment, among other things.

If this sounds like something you are familiar with, the pain management team in Bedford TX at Comprehensive Pain Institute put together some tips on how to help your loved ones better understand (clinics also in Benbrook & Lewisville TX). This is excellent news because studies show that the strain chronic pain puts on relationships decreases when understanding increases!


Open Lines of Communication

One of the most important factors in helping your loved ones understand your condition is open communication. Give yourself and your loved ones’ permission to ask questions and share concerns. Don’t be afraid to give straightforward, clear and specific requests for help; you will all feel less tension if the help offered is actually helpful. Don’t be shy about having boundaries and encourage your loved ones to share their boundaries as well so that resentment doesn’t build.

Last but not least, make sure your loved ones know that you appreciate them even when you don’t have the energy to show it!



Ultimately, the better you understand your chronic pain, the better you can help others understand. Take the time to do careful research about your condition and the treatments and/or therapies you are using. Get recommendations from your pain care team on the best resources that offer accurate, easy-to-understand explanations so that you can pass them along to your friends and family.

Some clinics will allow you to schedule a short Q&A session with your doctor so that a small group (typically 3 or less) of family members can better understand your chronic pain. CPI currently has Bedford doctors accepting new patients (clinics also located in Benbrook & Lewisville TX) who would love to help you with the task of educating your loved ones.


Plan Time for Fun

This may not sound like it will help educate your loved ones but, surprisingly, it will do that and more! Your friends and family care about your quality of life and want to know how to continue laughing with you and making memories with you. Spend some time finding activities that don’t trigger chronic pain flare-ups and get a date or two on the calendar to do those activities together. Some suggestions include:

  • An at-home game night
  • A movie trilogy binge
  • Take a leisurely stroll through a park (as your condition allows)
  • Go for a scenic “Sunday drive”
  • Buy some coffee sample packets and make a coffee sampler (if you’re really adventurous, try creating food pairings with the different coffees)


Pain Management Bedford TX

At the Chronic Pain Institute, we understand that managing chronic pain is about much more than just therapies and medication. We treat patients like family, honoring their humanity.  We focus on YOU the person and not just the pain. Schedule your first appointment today at our Bedford clinic! We are also accepting new patients in our Benbrook and Lewisville TX locations as well.

Give us a call today at 817-786-8238 to learn more.

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