Chronic pain is pain that persists past what is considered the normal healing time. Pain is usually regarded as chronic when it lasts or recurs for more than 3 to 6 months. Chronic pain is a frequent condition, affecting an estimated 20% of people worldwide.  Chronic pain can result from a multitude of injuries and medical conditions.

Chronic pain is different from the temporary pain you feel when you hurt yourself. With chronic pain, you may not know why you are hurting. Your pain may affect your whole body and your mind, causing problems that ripple through every part of your life. But there is hope—get in touch with the specialists at the Comprehensive Pain Institute today.

Chronic Pain Conditions and Treatments at the Comprehensive Pain Institute

Chronic pain is a complex, pervasive issue that can impact every facet of your life. At the Comprehensive Pain Institute (CPI), we recognize this complexity and have dedicated our expertise to diagnosing, managing, and treating various chronic pain conditions.

Understanding Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain can originate from numerous sources such as injury, nerve damage, illness, or certain conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraines, among others. Symptoms can vary widely, from aching, throbbing, burning, or shooting pain, to fatigue, sleep disturbances, and mood changes. The expert team at CPI will conduct a thorough evaluation of your condition to determine the root cause of your pain.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans for Chronic Pain

Given the unique nature of each patient’s experience with chronic pain, we prioritize creating personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures comprehensive care, combining medication management, physical therapy, interventional procedures, and psychological support.

Our Approach to Care:

We employ a multimodal treatment strategy to provide a holistic approach to your pain management:

1. Medication Management: Depending on your specific condition, we may prescribe a range of medications from non-opioid analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs to nerve pain medication. Our specialists always consider the benefits and potential side effects of each drug, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment.

2. Physical Therapy: Our dedicated therapists use a range of techniques to help improve mobility, strengthen muscles, and alleviate pain. These may include exercises, stretching, posture correction, and other modalities.

3. Interventional Procedures: For patients who do not respond adequately to conservative treatments, we offer advanced interventional procedures like nerve blocks, epidural injections, or radiofrequency ablation.

Your Trusted Partner in Pain Management in Bedford & Benbrook TX

At the Comprehensive Pain Institute, we believe in a patient-centered approach to chronic pain management. Our team is committed to not only alleviate your pain but also to improve your overall quality of life. As your trusted partner in pain management, we provide compassionate, comprehensive care, always putting your health and comfort first.

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