Aerobic Activities for People with Low Back Pain

Aerobic Activities for People with Low Back Pain

If you or someone you love lives with low back pain, you may be wondering about how to stay physically fit without aggravating that pain. At Comprehensive Pain Institute, our orthopedic doctors in Benbrook TX (locations also in Bedford and Lewisville) make it a point to incorporate a variety of different techniques and treatments, including recommendations for aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Today we will share some basic information about the top ways to stay active without having to worry about pain flair ups.


Does Aerobic Exercise Help Low Back Pain?

Studies indicate that low or moderately intense aerobic exercise has been associated with fewer prescriptions, less physical therapy and a brighter mood in patients with chronic low back pain. These are just a few benefits of incorporating aerobic exercise into your weekly routine. Aerobic exercise will also improve blood circulation throughout the body, which offers your sore muscles more access to nutrients and oxygen.


Types of Aerobic Exercises

To ensure you experience as much forward momentum as possible, it’s important to choose activities that won’t aggravate your lower back pain. Some of our top low-impact aerobics recommendations include the following:

  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Walking
  • Elliptical machine
  • Bicycling

Our orthopedic doctors in Benbrook TX (locations also in Bedford and Lewisville) also advise that you ask your exercise instructor for help. If you are taking classes with a qualified instructor, he or she will be able to offer you tips and tricks on making low-impact modifications on a standard exercise class. That way you can still participate in the types of workouts you enjoy without paying for it later.


Pre- and Post-Workout Tips

Always be sure to ease into your aerobic activity. This gives your body a chance to warm up first and gradually accommodate to the workload. Consider incorporating some of the following exercises modalities as warm up and cool down routines:

  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • General stretching routines
  • Walking

Be sure you are making a point to stay hydrated before, during and after your workout. This will greatly decrease the risk of muscle cramps and/or soreness as well as improve recovery time.


What NOT to Do

Finally, we want to offer a few quick reminders about techniques or methods to avoid. This is a general list; be sure to speak with your pain specialist for a more customized set of parameters. This list will be especially helpful if you are just starting out an aerobic routine, but they are still good reminders even if you’ve been working out for a while.

  • DON’T: begin a new routine without consulting a member of your care team
  • DON’T: work out without a warmup or cool down
  • DON’T: push your body beyond a comfortable limit
  • DON’T: perform exercises that put strain on your lower back
  • DON’T: use improper body mechanics
  • DON’T: participate in contact sports for aerobic exercise


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